Xuan paper studio research

The Institute for Electronic arts has been doing substantial ongoing research on the use of traditional Xuan papers and how to integrate them into new digital processes of print media.

Professional organizations and artists are more and more interested in Chinese traditional culture and are gradually increasing exchanges and cooperation with China. But they still need more knowledge about traditional media types, their material properties and production. They are eager to have channels of exchange and dialogue with Chinese traditional culture, and invent new forms of contemporary art. As digital media has matured in Western studio practice, integration with traditional forms has become a priority and of great interest. New tools such as laser engravers, dye sublimation printers and surfaces for digital media projection are rapidly evolving in the artist studios. Currently Xuan papers are rarely available to western artist. Meanwhile, papers from around the globe are readily available and are well known to artist.


IEA 一直在研究传统宣纸的使用,以及如何将它们整合到印刷媒体的新数字化过程中。